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My name is Lea and I was born in 1968 in Tegelen, a small town in the Netherlands.

In 2016  I've started with the making of my game and I began from scratch.
I mean really from scratch because I had no experience of development at all.
Well, I began with coding for kids and I didn't get a clue of it....Gee, that was hopefull.

I just didn't see it until I discovered Unreal Engine with C ++ in blueprints, wow!
Almost at the same time I discovered Blender and too!
With such nice communities, useful tutorials and clear information.
They are excellent learning environments, just what I needed...

Back in time, I've had a car accident and despite medical treatment, my spinal cord was injured.
With nerve pain that burns like hell and during the therapy program my left leg also fell out.

I fought my way through it

My life changed a lot, since then, but I can still walk well!
Unfortunately my left hand stayed largely paralyzed and I can barely operate a keyboard with it.

So, my first homemade game can be played with one hand!
The game

Walking through the forest, discover a bunker entrance and...

Meet PIP

A point & click adventure game of making choices,

following directions, along with puzzles and in-games.

You're going on a magical journey,

starting at nobody's home...
Meet PIP

The making of

Meet PIP
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If you have any questions about the game, please send to:
And if your question is asked frequently, please check the FAQ page below.

Meet PIP is about to released. Check out the store page by clicking the Steam-button below.
The content of Meet PIP is also available on my YouTube channel, just click on the YouTube-button below.
frequently asked questions
Will you continue making games?
Yes, I would love to! I still have plenty ideas!
A new but following adventure with PIP and NoBody?!
Is the game only in English?
What is the game about?         
It's all about magic ;-)

When can we expected the game?
Meet PIP is out NOW!

Who is PIP?
Watch the Gameplay on YouTube!

What's the playtime of the game?

About two hours.                      

Are there many puzzles in the game?
No, it is a combination with other in-games
and knowledge questions. Each time
in a different scene, fitting the storyline.

Can I make (monetize) videos from Meet PIP and post them on YouTube, Twitch or similar video services that allow advertisements?
Yes, players of Meet PIP can publish their videos on that kind of services.
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