Animation & Rigging

Rigging in Blender
That's the process of connecting an armature to a mesh or object so it can be animated.
For example, the bunker room door:

The armature contains only one bone and two keyframes needed for the animation...easy-peasy.

It's different if you provide a human mesh with a armature and it's very come in handy that it can be added ready-made in Blender.
Usually it's also being rigged when you buy such an object. Although you will have to adjust the armature at the mesh yourself and make in suitable.

                                                                               In Nobody's case, that was something; A skeleton that gets extra bones!

                                                                               And as I mentioned, with (extra) bones, it can be animated (press for play)

Gradually I learned more and more ... For instance, an animated selection menu with the authoring tool;
User Interface (UI) designed with Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG).
At the core of UMG are Widgets, like buttons, checkboxes, sliders, progress bars, etc. These Widgets are edited in a specialized Widget Blueprint, used as design for the visual layout and basic functions while the Graph provides the functionality behind the Widgets.

And while studying this part, I started developing the game's save system. I've been working on that for a long time, read a lot of documentation and watched many tutorials. Learning and trying, again and again......although it is important to realize that you also have another life.

Still, a game needs a save system...

Take all the time you need...
I managed to create a save system that fits my game. Each level can now be saved automatically!