The Forest

It's really respectable that you are helped so well at Epic Games-Unreal Engine, and you even get free environments!
As an becoming indie developer/designer, that's very useful, whether or not necessary. Often you make your game in your spare time
and your budget is quite small.The forest I got is realy beautiful and I was able to take nice camera shots in it.
And yes to be honest, that movie scenes are going a bit slowly, but hey, everything has to be learned...right?!

(press for play)

The Bunker

With the bunker entrance, which is hiding behind the bushes, it is still too dark in there…

In the meantime I had gained knowledge about the Unreal Motion Graphics UI Designer (UMG).
A visual user interface authoring tool wich I could started to create a widget
...and many, many, many, many more followed.

To draw and paint pictures for widgets I bought the software program ArtRage
ArtRage is a digital artist’s studio with a full range of painting and drawing tools and designed like in reality.
I also use this software program to create textures for materials.

                                          such a loyal friend…

                                             He is...

and you're going to leave him...
   an abbandoned old bunkerroom


                   nobody's home


                                                                    is it just magic?