...and never stop

Over the past 5 years, I learned a lot along the way and when I go back into my game I notice that. Sometimes you change something, but developers know that this also has consequences for other scenes. Before you know, you will be weeks further...and in addition, your learning process loses its charms.

I still can't believe I've gotten this far and I know my game isn't perfect because there is always room for improvement.
That's with everything you do in your life and therefore you have to take care of your own contentment.
But sure, I also have to keep having wishes. For instance a PC that can handle the latest version of Unreal Engine, that would work so much better.

Still, I got this far with version 4.17 from Unreal Engine and I am now working on the finishing touches of the game.
I'm really doing my best so that you'll Meet PIP soon!


With the making of my first homemade game, I would also like to inspire people,
Especially those with a physical disability,
That there are opportunities waiting for you in this nice and helpfull learning enviroment!