Magical Room

I kept the character of PIP...simple
And also wanted to put it in a...simple environment.
I've watched the tutorials and documentation from Unreal Engine and learned how to create rooms and buildings with it.
I have tried several and it was really fun doing that!                              

But for now I needed one room and made it.
It didn't looked that nice with lightbulbs. So I learned about materials and textures. And I still do...

To create light from the object itself you use the emissive material input (hover image).

                          Just plug-in...

                          And then there was light...

If you've already played Meet PIP, you've noticed that I didn't start creating the game from the beginning.
That's because the scene with the magical room was my first idea. After that, the rest gradually followed,
including the next blog: Forest-Bunker, with the starting scenes of the game.