Start 2016

In this blog I describe my learning process during the making of my first own game; Meet PIP.
I gradually learn more techniques so that I could bring more variety into the game

As I mentioned earlier on this site at; "About", I began from scratch...
And from all the tutorials that I have watched so far it became clear to me that I had to keep my game simple. Well, that didn't sound too difficult…

I thought back then.

But the story of "Meet PIP" was already in my head and thats the start.
In the meantime I got Unreal Engine for free at Epic Games:
Unreal Engine is a complete suite of development tools to work with real-time technology with C++ 
and also available in blueprints, a visual scripting system. Unreal Engine has a excellent learning platform.

Also for free is Blender at
Blender is an open source 3D complete creation suite. From 3D modeling to rigging animation and so much more.
And like Unreal Engine - excellent -  also with educational video tutorials.